Clifton Village Fish Bar Stoke Bishop Fish Bar Award


It is important to us that where possible we do our bit for the planet and the people on it.



  • We buy from traceable sustainable sources
  • All our Cod, Haddock, Plaice and Hake is MSC Certified approved
  • Our fish is caught by approved boats, which means we can fully trace it right back to the boat it was caught on, the day it was caught and the person who packed it. Our fish is caught in highly stocked areas.

Local Produce

Where possible we buy locally it is important to us to use products and services from our local area in support of the local economy.

100% Beef

We only use 100% beef burgers of the highest quality from Ruby and White Butchers

Our Carbon Footprint

  • Our new Florigo technologically advanced frying ranges are the best in the business. They conserve energy by using less gas than conventional frying ranges. The equipment is so advanced it is able to keep high temperatures at our busiest most demanding periods and still produce our award winning fish and chips.
  • We filter our oil twice a day to ensure it is in premium condition as well as saving on oil use.
  • Our fish and chip boxes are made from recycled materials. So not only are they recyclable they are also designed to let the food breathe. Most of our other packaging can also be recycled.
  • We recycle! All our recyclable waste is collected separately
  • Our oil is collected and recycled into bio fuel. It’s used by one of our suppliers in their delivery trucks.

British Potatoes

We only buy the finest quality Grade A British  Potatoes, with Maris Piper our preferred option

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